OSC Bear Spray Universal Bear Spray Cradle & Mounting System

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Turning Bear Safety in HABIT.  The One Second Counts Bear Spray Cradle & Mounting System uses compression fit technology to securely keep your bear spray in place ready for instant deployment the “SECOND” you need it.

The Universal  - this cradle and mounting system is really meant to be
attached anywhere that you can attach velcro.  So it is an excellent
choice if you enjoy the back country in a variety of ways.  The velcro
allows for adaptions to large backcountry pack straps, small straps,
belts, camera tripods, canoes.  Really where you can put this version is
only limited by your imagination.


                -16 different mounting positions allowing for variable use with versatile placement

                - Hardshell bear spray holster

                - Living hinges on mounts to ensure contoured fit reducing bounce & shifting

                - 2 styles of Cradle & Mount Systems

                                - Universal

                                                - Designed for the long haul

                                                - Fits all size backpacks, bikes, walking sticks and so much more

Tech Specs:

            - Weight

                        - Universal Bear Spray Cradle & Mount 55g

            - Material

                        - UV Stabalized  Polycarbonate (recycleable)

                        - Nickel Plated Steel

                        - Velcro

            - Cradle Cannister size

                        - 225g