OSC Bear Spray Clip & Go Cradle and Mounting System

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Turning Bear Safety in HABIT.  The One Second Counts Bear Spray Cradle & Mounting System uses compression fit technology to securely keep your bear spray in place ready for instant deployment the “SECOND” you need it.

The Clip & Go - this cradle and mounting system is made for
your belt.  It will clip onto any thinner strapping such as a day pack. It attaches to the belt with two metal clips that grasp onto the belt to ensure there is no movement or bounce against your body. This is a perfect choice if you are going on short walks where you are not carrying other gear.

                -16 different mounting positions allowing for variable use with versatile                placement

                - Hardshell bear spray holster

                - Living hinges on mounts to ensure contoured fit reducing bounce & shifting

                - 2 styles of Cradle & Mount Systems

- Clip & Go

                                                - Designed to be clipped in place

                                                - Fits all belts, daypacks, hydration packs and so much more

                                                - Can be worn on a belt over your coat

Tech Specs:

            - Weight

                        - Clip & Go Bear Spray Cradle & Mount 95g

            - Material

                        - UV Stabalized  Polycarbonate (recycleable)

                        - Nickel Plated Stee

                        - Velcro

            - Cradle Cannister size

                        - 225g